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Dedicated, Professional & Passionate

We are committed to excellence in serving our community for life. A collective repository of knowledge & experience provides the highest standards of professionalism.


  • Corporate

    We are directly associated and involved with the Companies and their Representatives in the Identification of most suitable Property/Work place for their Specific Needs and further getting them a good value for Money in their Transaction.
    Our specialization is in providing customers the best service and guidance in the property deals. Being consultants we focus on Corporate Leasing, Company Lease, Renting of Properties, Relocation Services, Property Investments, Property Advises along with real estate solutions & Feasibility Report.

  • Industrial

    We achieve industrial real estate excellence by providing an unsurpassed combination of talent, experience, and resources. Our exclusive team in the Industrial services does extensive research and understands every aspect concerning the prospective land like the surroundings, location, future development plans, state policies and the environment & checks for the title of the land before proposing it the client.

  • Investor

    We represent investors in the disposition or commercial real estate investment properties armed with experience and expertise. Our company philosophy is to bring transparency and professionalism to Indian real estate transaction to make India property buying a pleasant and hassle free experience for our clients. We are committed to protecting our Client’s interests and providing after-sales service at all times to our clients.

  • Infrastructure Management

    Extensive detailed knowledge of Land in and around Pune, help us cater to clients need and requirement for the same. We look into Buying, Selling and Development of Land of Residential, Commercial or Agriculture nature - dealing with encumbrance free land.We take care of proper valuation and required documentation of concerned land taking utmost care in delivery of the same.

Joint Ventures

We help to have a joint commercial enterprise by two or more parties by contributing equity for a finite time which otherwise retain their distinct identities.

Joint Development

We provide a perfect environment for an owner of the site and a developer to come together and develop a property jointly.

Land Deals

The large-scale acquisition is now easy. We help in the buying or leasing of large pieces of undeveloped and developed land in developing countries.

Build to suite

One of our expertises is to build as per the requirement. For commercial purpose; we built specifically to meet the design, location, and physical specifications.

Industrial Product

We understand the industrial requirements. Our experience helps us to swiftly and reasonably respond to ever-changing market conditions and demands.

Land Transactions

We form the smooth bridge between two or more parties who transfer a land or a unit of property. One party is being the seller(s) and the other being the buyer(s).

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