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Industrial Services

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We achieve industrial real estate excellence by providing an unsurpassed combination of talent, experience, and resources. Our exclusive team in the Industrial services does extensive research and understands every aspect concerning the prospective land like the surroundings, location, future development plans, state policies and the environment & checks for the title of the land before proposing it the client.

Our Expertise

Consultation for space selection in MIDC area

Our location selection process identifies the best location as part of a broader network strategy. Our objective is to find a location that has the highest likelihood of optimizing competitive advantage. We facilitate the process of land allotment for developers and investors for any future development.

Consultation for space selection in Industrial Zone

Many of our professionals cultivate in-depth knowledge of specialized sectors. Occupiers, investors, and developers of industrial property require innovative and well-researched advice. We support developers, owners and occupiers to buy, sell, lease, manage, develop, renovate and value industrial space.

Acquisition of land for big requirements

A big requirement typically includes a mix of office and industrial uses. Our experts can help you select optimal space that serves both your office and industrial needs. Careful attention to the lease contract for both landlords and tenants can provide good tenant improvements while preserving long-term flexibility.

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