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Metro Realities

A wide spectrum for Commercial Real Estate Services

Metro Realties is a division of Ksam Alliance and is headed by Mr. Sameer Bhalerao. The main objective is to serve clients with professional real estate consultancy with the highest level of professionalism, attention and Integrity. Metro Realties will assist you in property sales, corporate representation, site selection, property management, physical requirements, and budget & location analysis. Metro Realities facilitate property funds & syndicates- arrange, establish, & restructure and also give advice on property development & feasibility assessment.

Seller/Buyer Representation

We provide a complete confidentiality throughout the process. The possibility of dual agency arises when the buyer's agent and the seller's agent both work for the same real estate company, but this allows having a greater selection options. Here the buyer is interested in properly listed by the particular company.

Advice on Property Development and Feasibility Assessment

It's about checking out all aspects of the site to ensure a successful outcome. Feasibility in essence means that the project will be commercially viable. Our advice is to support the real estate strategy with market evidence. This helps to develop the right property strategy, gain board approval and enhance the value of estate.

Rental Review and Market Determination

Our expert team reviews the current market rates at specific intervals. This keeps pace with the current scenario and includes a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. These have a significant financial impact resulting in increases in market rent and ultimately improve the economic conditions.

Physical Requirements, Budget & Location Analysis

With this application of economic techniques; we understand the real estate markets with the changes affecting the industry. And we try to describe, explain, and predict patterns of prices, supply, and demand. Location analysis helps us to qualify potential sites so that the space is built according to plan – on time and within budget.

Legal & Technical Assistance

It's our systematic approach in providing technical assistance. Technical assistance includes site reviews, & environmental assessments, evaluation of locations. We also provide assistance with construction management concerns which helps in understanding building codes and restrictions.

Interior Design Planning & Execution

We look into every aspect of setting up an office as per clients’ requirements. We are therefore dedicated towards providing our clients with space solutions that are aesthetically alluring as well as ergonomically efficient. The workplace consultancy with occupational requirement analysis is provided.

Project Management Consulting Services

A project management consultancy is our key area. With knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management; we provide market leading, commercially driven advice & are delivering outstanding results.

Lease Re-Negotiation

Negotiating the length, or "term," of a lease is important as there is no any standard agreement for commercial leases. So commercial real estate lease contracts can be especially complex. But we understand the state of the commercial real estate market, and a business may be able to obtain significant concessions from a landlord.

Investment Acquisition

We deal with every aspect of real estate investment i.e. the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit. Real estate is an asset form with limited liquidity relative to other investments, it is also capital intensive (although capital may be gained through mortgage leverage) and is highly cash flow dependent.

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